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Save up to 80% on your Business Phone Bills.

Question 1: do you have more than 5 staff in your company?

Question 2: are you using “Pay per user per month”  plan for your business phone system?

Question 1: do you want to reduce the unnecessary costs to the company?

If answer to all three questions are YES ! Please read further

Let’s face it, most small businesses overpay for their company phone service. 

Even at the ‘cheapest plan’ very few actually use anywhere near the total allotted minutes for the pay plan. 

Thus, you are overpaying.

Take a look at your current phone bill and ask yourself if you are really getting what you are paying for.


How would you like a phone system in your own Cloud Account (Google, Amazon,  Digital Ocean or Linode)


And with an extremely low call rate than a penny ($0.01) per minute? Pay only for the minutes you use.

Let me try to explain things with an example

An Insurance firm with 19 employees in 3 different locations.
12 users are involved in sales activity and make lots of calls, other 4 users moderate call usage and rest of the 3 make 
only few calls in a month.
On an average every user make 1000 minutes of calls, so whole company talk-time is 19000 minutes every month.
However their current phone service provider offers them unlimited calling.
Currently they paying $34.99/ per user per month for their phone services. 
Total of $665/month and in a year $7978.
Once they will use my consulting service and switch to the Open Source cloud phone system, 
Their monthly bill will look like this.
Phone Server Hosting ( Single server can handle upto 100 users )  = $10
Total Call cost by all users = Call Charge 0.01/minute X 19000 = $190
Total Bill = Phone server hosting $10 + Call cost $190 = Total bill of $200/month for all 19 staffs
, In a year they will pay $2400 only | Their Saving in a year = $7978 – 2400= $5578



And this Phone system includes IVR welcome greetings, After hours and Holiday greetings, Voicemail, 
Department-based and Time-based call routing, soft-phone, and many more advanced features.
And the best part is: If they don’t like this new system, they can switch back to their previous operator within 30 days.

To set up everything from scratch, I charge one-time consultancy Fees of $500.

Some of the Features

Calling Queues (ACD)  Department / Ring Groups  Wake Up Calls
 Interactive Voice Response (IVR)  Music on Hold  Support for Video Calling
 Unlimited extensions  Calendar based call routing  Offer Announcements
 Conference Calls  Voicemail Blasting Call Recording
 Fax to E-mail  Find Me / Follow Me Calling 3 Way Calling / Call Transfer

30 Days Refund and Revert to your previous operator

​You can keep your existing phone number

Don’t like service, support or lacking features, just ask for refund. I will not ask any questions and refund  100% . 

I will also help you revert to your previous operator.

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