Start VoIP Phone Business

do you provide managed IT Services in United States? It’s time to stat your own VoIP Phone Business and upsell to your existing as well as new customers.

Answers to Your Questions

is this reseller opportunity?

NO, You will have your own setup and have full control over system. This will be cloud setup where you will use your own cloud account.

How much I can earn?

It all depends upon existing customer base and selling capability. Once you fill the form we will send you full details.

How much investment required?

There is almost no investment except cloud hosting account $50 topup in VoIP account.

What if I want to use any other system?

You will have full access to VoIP Account as well as Cloud Hosting Account, If at any point of time within 1 year of our agreement, You want to quit from our support services you will pay us ( Installation and provisioning charges $2500 – total amount we received from you as monthly support charges). Sounds good!

Who will provide support?

We will take care of all VoIP Support tickets, your customers will create tickets or chat with us in case they face any problem.

Let's Work Together!

There is no setup charge or any investment involved. You just need to sign an agreement with us in order to start your own VoIP Business.