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How to use email automation for marketing MSP Business

How to use email automation for marketing MSP Business

How to use email automation for marketing MSP Business

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email automation marketing

Email Automation Marketing

We can not reply to every person who subscribes to our newsletter or filling a form to download a cheatsheet; this is will consume lots of time, and we will not be able to follow up with them.

But luckily, there is a solution, Email Automation; We can use email automation to send personalized emails to people who have filled forms on our website. This is a straightforward setup; I will show you how to do it step by step; you don’t need web development skills.

Lets’ start

In this tutorial, I am taking Sendinblue as Email Service Provider. However, you are open to using any Email service provider you like; some excellent email service providers are Sendgrid, Elasticmail, mail jet, etc.

Create a Subscription Form on your website


You need to create a form on your website; I use the Divi theme, so I will show you how to create a form in Divi and send data to Sendinblue; if you use a different theme, you can check that theme’s manual.

Click on the plus sign to add a new module on your landing page or subscription page, then select “Email Optin. “It will create a default form, go to settings of this form and scroll down you will see” Email Account, “In this section, you will see many email providers, select” Sendinblue “and click on Add, now it will ask for account name and API key.

Once you input these details, you will see lists created by you in Sendinblue.

Hold on; We still don’t have a Sendinblue account.

Let’s create one; go to and signup for the new account; it’s completely free with some limitations.

Once you have your account ready, log in to it and go to contacts; in the left menu, you will see Lists, click on that, then click on Create new list, give it some name.

You can see your account name on the top right corner of your sendinblue account; click on that. You will see “SMTP & API,” click on “GENERATE A NEW API KEY” here. Give it a name and generate it, it will show a long random combination of letters, symbols, and numbers, copy it, and save it in some safe place.

Now go back to the section where we were creating the form; in the account name, use the same name in the top right of your sendinblue account and paste the API key you just copied. Now you will see the list you have created.

That is all in the form section; You are free to design your form the way you want.
So what is happening now? When someone goes to the page where this form is and fills the form, that data will go to Sendinblue and be saved in the list you have created.

 Email Automation with Sendinblue


Now we need to send an email to the person who filled the form, expecting that You will send him some cheatsheet or valuable information in return for proving his email address.

Go to the automation tab in Sendinblue.

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How to improve your Law Firm’s online presence

How to improve your Law Firm’s online presence

If you’re a Law Firm based in the United States, This article will help you improve your online presence and get more clients. You don’t have to spend a penny on this but it will take few minutes of your time every day. 

Will you be able to give few minutes daily on this in return for quality leads?

You’re reading this article means you are either a law firm owner someone associated with the law firm. May be IT staff or someone planning to start a Law Firm.  

If not NOT, then you can find another post on our blog related to your niche. This is an exclusive post for Law Firms.

Below is the list of directories for Law firms, You must have your law firm in these directories.

Find Law


Lawyers Dot Com

Lawyer dot com

Super Lawyers


MartindaleHG Org


Go Social and Don’t forget to Get reviews, It matters.

We can not ignore the power of social media, People we this to find other people and businesses and verify credibility. 

Facebook & Linkedin Page

Create a Facebook and Linkedin page for your law firm, start posting content on it. You can share content related to Law and legal. Your content should be small and try to avoid using jargon words.

Request your existing clients to write reviews for your business. This will build your authority.

Before taking the above steps, Make sure you have taken these below steps.

Domain Name

Domain Name Must have Law, legal, or something that hints it is Law Firm. Good Examples:, These domains tell visitors that the domain is related to Law and Legal.

Bad Example: XYZ Consulting. In this example, we can not say whether it’s manpower consulting, Yoga consulting, or legal consulting.

Claim Related TLD Domains

Yeah, I know you are smart and your purchase a very good easy to remember domain that has tells visitors that this website is related to Law practice. You got a domain “”. 

What will you do when some copycat will buy a domain

I suggest getting major TLD domains for the same name. Get domains of .net .us . biz .org along with .com.

Website & Blog

Optimize your website performance, Secure it. If it’s a WordPress website and blog, get rid of unnecessary plugins and themes. 

You can read this article on How to choose “Hosting and Optimize website for High Performance”.

I think You should look at these articles too.

How Often we should write a Blog?

What should I share on Social Media?

how to set up voicemail in Asterisk PBX

I am assuming here that you have Asterisk Based phone system which has web based PBX management interface.

First we need to login to PBX, Input PBX IP in browser and login with username and password.

Go to Applications tab, You will see extension here. There is a voicemail tab, click on that and enable it. Input voicemail password, provide name address and enable Email attachment, Play CID and Play envelope then Sumit it. You can take reference from below screenshot.

Set Voicemail Admin

On PBX main interface, click on settings, select voicemail admin. Click on setting beside usage then Email config.

Input required fields as per your requirement and scroll down at bottom. In server email field provide right email address.

System Admin Module

I advise to get system admin pro module as it has lots of features and it comes just for $25, one time cost.

If you already have it you can use your own SMTP, office365 or gmail account as voicemail sender.

This one is the best multi line phone systems for small business

As a startup I always wanted to keep our office setup look fresh and young, even you will see this in our cafeteria and washrooms.

We have fantastic looking website, Identity cards, Visiting cards with QR code. We use to wear T-shirt with our Company Logo and some inspiring quotes.

I strongly believe these small things motivate us and give positive vibes.

I always wanted modern office phones with some features like Auto Attendant IVR Greeting. Also Play different greetings and offers during holiday seasons.

But skip it for later as I was afraid of pricing I have received from phone providers.

Then finally I came to know about Asterisk Open source. I along with my colleagues tried to install it on a system we have in office.

We were successful but things were taking much time than I expected. I started searching for alternate solution then I opted to go with cloud based Hosted Asterisk server.

I have perfect business phone system with Auto attendant IVR greeting. Later I learned Holiday greeting, time based call routing and much more. Price just for $79/month.

Let me tell you, I was not expecting anything similar to this in this price and I wanted to help businesses like me to get better phone service.

That is why I asked dOpenPBX founder Ajit, That I am going to write an article on this and they can post it on their website.

Ok, Now coming to point again. This is what I received when I paid them first month. and Step by step guide how how to configure your Phone system.

How to Do it

I received PBX IP with root password and Web admin password. I didn’t use root password as I don’t think it’s much required for newbie or non tech guys.

Open IP in your browser you will see similar to this.

Click on Administration and input your credentials.

Once you’re in you will see extensions, trunk, call routing everything already created by dOPenPBX with managed PBX Plan.

If you’re not buying managed Asterisk PBX from dOpenPBX then you can follow steps from here.

cloud based phone system pros and cons

Cloud based phone system Edge over Traditional

Cloud based phone system pros and cons in details.

The technology is changing day by day. Everything is evolving so why not our phone systems? We should thank the technology, which has introduced a very convenient and a new way of communication for the businesses-Cloud based phone system.

The cloud-based phone system is also known as VoIP system, Hosted PBX system, Hosted VoIP system and of course Hosted Phone System. It is a way of communication over the internet. It is a cloud-based platform that provides the businesses call options over the internet. Now the users can remotely work with multiple location access with the help of this cloud-based phone system.

Features of cloud-based phone system:

It allows you to enhance the scalability of your business that your conventional on-premises phone system is unable to do. Scalability like desegregation with business, the remote working mobility of employees, click to call, etc. Moreover, this cloud-based phone system performs some other useful functionalities as well.

With the help of cloud-based phone system, now you can expand your business without any landline limitations. The data storage was not that much accessible before the introduction of this technology. However, it has now become simpler and more accessible to store and access data remotely, anywhere, anytime on your desktop, mobile phone and laptop etc.

So these are the functionalities of the hosted phone system. Now let’s find out what are the cloud-based phone system pros and cons.

Cloud based phone system pros and cons


There are many benefits of using cloud-based phone system for your business organization over your on-premise phone service. However, some of them are as follows:

  • Cost effective:

One of the most prominent features of using this VoIP phone system is that it is highly cost-effective. Unlike your traditional on-premise phone system, you don’t need to buy a high-quality hardware for communication and spend a large piece of your income on its maintenance and working.

No matter how much phone usage by your company is, a VoIP system will prove itself as the most competitive option with no hidden/additional charges for better communication between the company and the employees. Moreover, it saves your maintenance and buying cost up to 80%. So why not choose it?

  • Location flexibleness:

Another unusual feature and useful benefit of using hosted phone system is, it allows you to work remotely anywhere, anytime at anyplace. All you need is your internet connection. However, it offers you an opportunity to work from office as well as from home. Now you don’t need to wait for making a call on your desktop. It’s time to connect your employees with you over a single phone system using the internet.

  • Reliability:

Another useful benefit of using this phone system is, it offers you reliable efficiency. Means its components don’t centralize at a single place/location, which decreases the service downtime for most of the service providers. It is called cloud-based system means it can widely spread over the different geological areas and shows that all the servers are the replicas of the rest. In simple words, it is reliable due to its geographic redundancy.

So these are some of the pros of using Cloud-based phone system, let’s find out what are the cons of this phone system.


  • Phone and router purchase cost:

There is no doubt in it that Internet-based phone system helps you to save your cost up to 80% over the on-premise network. However, it aids in a long run means you need to invest in a phone and router in the beginning. You need to purchase hosted system equipment like IP phones and routers etc., but it will remain long lasting.

  • Service Gaps/Disruptions:

This is one of the most efficient and convenient ways of communication at present time for organizations. We all know about the quality of calls over this system via internet. But the thing is you need to have a reliable and fast internet connection. Most of the time people complain about service disruptions. This happens due to the weak internet frequency that drop the call.

Cloud-based phone system is getting trending among the small and large enterprises day by day. It’s becoming the most convenient, cost-effective and flexible way of communication for the companies. So overall it is the best solution to all your call problems.

cheap hosted pbx phone system

      Cheap hosted PBX phone system

The fever of hosted PBX phone system is getting higher and higher among the big and small organizations. Every company wants a reliable, affordable and trustworthy vendor in the market who can provide it with the cheap hosted PBX phone system with high-quality services.

However, if you are one of them who is in search of cheap hosted PBX phone system, then look no more. is the rising name in the market of best-hosted PBX phone system providers around the globe. No need to buy high quality, expensive hardware for your company. You need the best solution for your phone system needs, is one of them. Therefore, Say Goodbye to your Old Traditional Phone Systems and welcome to cheap Hosted PBX phone system.

Why choose Dopenpbx for cheap hosted PBX phone system?

There are many reasons to choose Dopenpbx as your reliable partner for hosted PBX phone system. However, some of the reasons are as follows:

  • Completed hosted:

We know how much your business is essential to you and same for mine. It’s time to shift from your old phone systems to fully hosted PBX phone system. You only need to shift, but the system will ultimately host, maintained and upgrade by

  • Upgrade your business:

furthermore the help of cheap hosted PBX phone system, now auto attend calls, transfer calls, manage multiple offices from a single platform with much ease.

  • Savings:

We know how much it becomes tough to handle the maintenance and the upgradation fee of traditional phone systems. However, for this reason, we have introduced cheap hosted PBX phone system services including free unlimited calls national and international. It helps the organization to save money. As a result, The companies can win something extraordinary.

What makes us different from others?

We know the front line of most of the businesses are communication and communication is only possible if you have a secure connection. Therefore, We facilitate organizations to communicate with a large enterprise with a minimal budget.

  • Save money:

Now save your money with us by choosing us as your best solution of the phone system. furthermore, you can get unlimited phone calls, incoming calls with no expensive changes in the car. We know how much it becomes difficult and maintain on-premises. For this reason, furthermore, we are offering cheap hosted PBX phone system.

We offer

  • Unlimited calls
  • No installation needed
  • Flat monthly rates
  • No service charges
  • Exceptional customer service

Communicate anytime, anywhere at any place:

With the help of our cheap hosted PBX phone system, now you can communicate quickly and keep the scalability of your work high. Just connected with your team as you do on your cell phone or in the office.

So what you are waiting for? If you are looking for the most reliable and trustworthy vendor who can manage a cheap hosted PBX phone system, then is still to help you out from A-Z.

Phone for any size business or organization-Price plan to fit any budget.