Managed PBX Features

We’ll take care of everything from scratch which includes configuration of extensions, IVR, Ring Group, Call Forwarding, Phones, and soft-phone.

Unlimited Extensions

Scale as you grow, You can have unlimited extension in same PBX without paying any additional dollars. You can configure extensions in IP-Phone or Soft-phone.

Ring Groups

Ring groups are a feature in our hosted voip PBX that allows multiple phones and extensions to ring in a particular group or team when there is an inbound call.

Call Queues

Call Queues allow calls to be queued, so that agents can take calls when they are available. If all agents are busy, calls are kept waiting until an agent is available.

IVR Greetings

Greet your callers with your brand name. Somthing like ” Thank you for calling ABC company, press 1 for sales press 2 for support or wait for……

Free Migration

We’ll migrate you to our platform Free of cost and without any downtime. Even you don’t have to port your numbers to us untill you find it good fit.

24x7 Support

We’re available 24×7 to help you. By chat, email or phone call. You can also create ticket to fix your issues.

Hosted PBX

Answers to Your Questions

What is 30 Days Refund Policy?

This is no question asked refund policy. Try our PBX for 30 days, didn’t like product or any complaint with customer service, You will get full refund.

Does this include calling minutes?

This plan doesn’t have any calling/VoIP minutes or DID Number. But we will give you 1000 minutes of call credit and 1 USA DID for first month for trial.

Can I use my current VoIP Provider?

Ofcourse, You can use any SIP VoIP provider with our PBX. We will help you configure your VoIP provider in PBX.

How much I can Save on Phone Bill?

PBX costs $79/month & Call charges $0.01/minute.
If your company make 5000 calls in a month. Call charges will be $50.
Total cost = PBX $79 + Call Charges $50=  Total $129.

Can I use it with Soft-Phone?

Yes, You can use it with IP-Phone, Soft-phone for Android,iOS or Windows. Zoiper is very good option if you’re planning to use soft-phone.

You Focus on Business

We’ll take care of Phone System

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