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Are you one of the roofing contractors who run Facebook Ads, Google PPC Ads, Radio & Local TV commercials to get more qualified leads? BUT still not getting what you are spending on Ads?

I understand you are looking for some ways where you can find leads on regular basis at a lower cost. PPC and Facebook marketing both works well for roofers. Here we have few ideas…

Check out the marketing strategy that we use for some of our roofer clients. These tactics work perfectly, you can apply the same to your business.

Your website is your 24×7 sales guy

Your website shouldn’t be webpages filled with text and images. It should be interactive and when someone comes to your website, either get them to buy or at least leave their name, number & email in return for some free goodies.

Checklist for your website

  • is it fast enough?  Customer and Search engine crawlers expect a web page to load in three seconds or less. You can test your website speed using google webmaster.

  • is it SEO Optimise? Websites must be SEO optimized, check site structure, metadata such as schema, meta tags, page titles, optimized images.

  • is it responsive? Your website must be responsive so it can be viewed on any device, mobile, tablet, or bigger screens. Mobile traffic is growing faster so SEO experts often say to make a website mobile-friendly. But I suggest making it friendly for all devices as we have seen a sudden spike in desktop/Laptop Traffic during the lockdown as people were working from home.

  • SSL/HTTPS? get an SSL certificate for your website, this is a must-have thing for your website. Google has confirmed that they favor HTTPS sites.

  • is it have enough content? are you one of those who created the website and left it alone? Keep writing engaging content on regular basis. Content should be related to your business and useful for your target audience. 

Make sure your website isn’t missing any of the above components.

Local Listing of your business

Have you ever searched for a plumber/carpenter/ restaurant near me?

You see something like this.

These companies have added their listing in Google Local Pack. If you want your business to list here follow these steps.

  1. Claim your Google My Business page and optimize it.
  2. Optimize your website content for your local service area
  3. Get reviews on Google My Business from social media and exiting customers.

Also, claim and update your listings on the following directories:



Yahoo Local





PPC Campaign to get more qualified leads

Using PPC Ad Campaigns you can get qualified leads for your roofing business, You can show your ads on the first page on google right away without waiting for your SEO results.

Cost per click (CPC) can run anywhere from $0.05 to upwards of $50.00 for the most competitive keywords. Keyword research is a very important part of a PPC campaign, If you are not doing proper keyword research, you will get the wrong click and lose all your PPC budget.


Remarketing plays a very important role whether you’re Running Google PPC or Facebook ads. On average, only 2% of website visitors purchase service on the first visit.

98% of your budget get wasted, that is where remarketing comes. You can run remarketing campaign to show your ads to people who have shown interest in your service offering. Keep showing them ads on some interval with different offers.

You need to add few lines of code to your website to get the benefit of remarketing.

Email Marketing

Email marketing can help you generate more sales by allowing you to:

  • Keep in touch with customers and Improve brand awareness
  • Send specials offers, coupons, and exclusive discounts.
  • Send newsletters to people who have provided an email address on your website/blog.

You don’t want to miss the email marketing strategy for your roofing business as 44% of email recipients made at least one purchase last year.

Generate and close more leads using social media and Email marketing without investing too much.