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If you’re a Law Firm based in the United States, This article will help you improve your online presence and get more clients. You don’t have to spend a penny on this but it will take few minutes of your time every day. 

Will you be able to give few minutes daily on this in return for quality leads?

You’re reading this article means you are either a law firm owner someone associated with the law firm. May be IT staff or someone planning to start a Law Firm.  

If not NOT, then you can find another post on our blog related to your niche. This is an exclusive post for Law Firms.

Below is the list of directories for Law firms, You must have your law firm in these directories.

Find Law


Lawyers Dot Com

Lawyer dot com

Super Lawyers


MartindaleHG Org


Go Social and Don’t forget to Get reviews, It matters.

We can not ignore the power of social media, People we this to find other people and businesses and verify credibility. 

Facebook & Linkedin Page

Create a Facebook and Linkedin page for your law firm, start posting content on it. You can share content related to Law and legal. Your content should be small and try to avoid using jargon words.

Request your existing clients to write reviews for your business. This will build your authority.

Before taking the above steps, Make sure you have taken these below steps.

Domain Name

Domain Name Must have Law, legal, or something that hints it is Law Firm. Good Examples:, These domains tell visitors that the domain is related to Law and Legal.

Bad Example: XYZ Consulting. In this example, we can not say whether it’s manpower consulting, Yoga consulting, or legal consulting.

Claim Related TLD Domains

Yeah, I know you are smart and your purchase a very good easy to remember domain that has tells visitors that this website is related to Law practice. You got a domain “”. 

What will you do when some copycat will buy a domain

I suggest getting major TLD domains for the same name. Get domains of .net .us . biz .org along with .com.

Website & Blog

Optimize your website performance, Secure it. If it’s a WordPress website and blog, get rid of unnecessary plugins and themes. 

You can read this article on How to choose “Hosting and Optimize website for High Performance”.

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