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How to use email automation for marketing MSP Business

Written by Ajit Panday

August 21, 2021

email automation marketing

Email Automation Marketing

We can not reply to every person who subscribes to our newsletter or filling a form to download a cheatsheet; this is will consume lots of time, and we will not be able to follow up with them.

But luckily, there is a solution, Email Automation; We can use email automation to send personalized emails to people who have filled forms on our website. This is a straightforward setup; I will show you how to do it step by step; you don’t need web development skills.

Lets’ start

In this tutorial, I am taking Sendinblue as Email Service Provider. However, you are open to using any Email service provider you like; some excellent email service providers are Sendgrid, Elasticmail, mail jet, etc.

Create a Subscription Form on your website


You need to create a form on your website; I use the Divi theme, so I will show you how to create a form in Divi and send data to Sendinblue; if you use a different theme, you can check that theme’s manual.

Click on the plus sign to add a new module on your landing page or subscription page, then select “Email Optin. “It will create a default form, go to settings of this form and scroll down you will see” Email Account, “In this section, you will see many email providers, select” Sendinblue “and click on Add, now it will ask for account name and API key.

Once you input these details, you will see lists created by you in Sendinblue.

Hold on; We still don’t have a Sendinblue account.

Let’s create one; go to and signup for the new account; it’s completely free with some limitations.

Once you have your account ready, log in to it and go to contacts; in the left menu, you will see Lists, click on that, then click on Create new list, give it some name.

You can see your account name on the top right corner of your sendinblue account; click on that. You will see “SMTP & API,” click on “GENERATE A NEW API KEY” here. Give it a name and generate it, it will show a long random combination of letters, symbols, and numbers, copy it, and save it in some safe place.

Now go back to the section where we were creating the form; in the account name, use the same name in the top right of your sendinblue account and paste the API key you just copied. Now you will see the list you have created.

That is all in the form section; You are free to design your form the way you want.
So what is happening now? When someone goes to the page where this form is and fills the form, that data will go to Sendinblue and be saved in the list you have created.

 Email Automation with Sendinblue


Now we need to send an email to the person who filled the form, expecting that You will send him some cheatsheet or valuable information in return for proving his email address.

Go to the automation tab in Sendinblue.

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