How to Secure Your PBX

How to Secure Your Asterisk PBX

Disable Responsive firewallDisable UCP and every service to local OnlyAllow only site IP, Telnyx IP and our VPN IPUnder Sip setting No to¬†anonymous callsAllow guest NO Login to VPN to access PBX All Extensions password must be¬†minimum 12 char mixed of Caps, Num, Special char ( or use auto generated) On Telnyx Enable only USA […]

what is a non fixed voip phone

what is a non fixed voip phone

Before understanding what is non fixed voip phones, we first need to know little bit about VoIP phone. Is it some sort of software or hardware ! In simple terms VoIP is Technology which is used to make & receive call using internet, instead of Telco lines or mobile phone providers. There are several ways […]

USA Phone Number with IVR

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project professional image

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Business phone within App

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2nd Line Number

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us phone number

us phone number

US Phone Number help you acquire more clients even if you are are doing business from outside the United States. do I need US Phone Number? Are you Freelancer, Web hosting and designing company, export & import business and do business in the United States. This step by step guide helps you get us phone […]

asterisk support

asterisk Support

Asterisk Support plans starting from $25 per hour. Here is a checklist before hiring a freelancer or buy support hours to fix your PBX. Problem 1: One-way audio Test your internet connectionCheck if you are set extern host correctly in SIP settings Problem 2: Extensions not registering are extensions outside your local network then make […]

what is a voip number

what is a voip number

are you curious to know what is a voip number ? VoIP Numbers are virtual numbers to get it you don’t need to buy any hardware of software, most of the VoIP providers provide VoIP numbers at very nominal cost of $1 to $5 per month. You can configure VoIP number in any IP-Phone or […]