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Here is a checklist before hiring a freelancer or buy support hours to fix your PBX.

Problem 1: One-way audio

Test your internet connection
Check if you are set extern host correctly in SIP settings

Problem 2: Extensions not registering

are extensions outside your local network then make sure you have set NAT= yes

Check firewall for SIP service, You can check this by going to Connectivity then firewall, Services, Select internet on Chap_sip and submit.

Similarly, again go to the firewall and see if IP is blocked in the firewall if this is the case release blocked IP from the blacklist.

A best possible solution is to have Static IP or Dynamic DNS at the client site and whitelist that in the firewall.

Problem 3. Calls not connecting

You will have to watch asterisk CLI to monitor trunk while making calls. The problem could be VoIP provider not registered with PBX or codec related, you will see related errors on CLI.

If you hear route not found or No service audio message, then you need to check outbound route under Connectivity.

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