No , You do not need a Business Phone system, but you need a Business Phone Number.You already have a cell phone to make and receive calls. You do not need another phone for business. You need a business number which work on your phone.

Let’s be honest: the phone system PBX or EPBX setup is no longer a necessity for some businesses. Even if it is still a must, a traditional phone system (or even just an actual land line as we once knew them) are no longer the only options.

If you are looking for business phone number but are on-the-go a lot, or just do not make enough calls to warrant installing an actual office phone system, then cloud phone or virtual phone service is what you need.

You should buy a Virtaul number / Cloud phone number and then connect it to your other numbers (mobile, home, etc). You can use either your computer or your mobile phone, meaning you do not need a dedicated business phone line/device.

A business Phone Number features

  1. Customize forwarding options
  2. Block caller option
  3. Text to email
  4. Set up an auto-receptionist
  5. Schedule calls
  6. Call queuing
  7. Setup a find me/follow me
  8. Make conference calls
  9. Convert voicemail to email
  10. Send/receive faxes
  11. Auto-assistant/call routing system
  12. Call scheduling

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