local phone number

local phone number

Situation when you need local phone number Have you ever had a client asking for a local phone number when you’re in some other country? Yes, this a common phenomenon for the freelance workers who handle clients from multiple countries who prefer a candidate with a local number which entitles them to lower call rates. […]

Virtual Phone Number

What is cloud business Telephony ?

What is cloud business Telephony ? When everything is moving to cloud then why not Telephone .Cloud telephony is an innovative and latest phone solution thus reducing your business expenses . Accept it or not, the fact remains that several decades after Alexander Bell invented the telephone,it is still one of the best-performing business channels […]

10 Essential Features of a Business Phone System

What is feature of business phone system ? When you are going to buy Business phone system ,You should ensure that your business phone system has the features and functions which increase your work efficiency and effectiveness of your overall communication process. Advance business phone system features help you to build and maintain client and […]

What is business phone system ?

Typically A business telephone system is a multi line telephone system typically used in business environments, A business phone system can range from the small key telephone system (KTS) , just a few telephones in a small business up to a complex private branch exchange ( PBX ) system utilized by large businesses. A business […]

cloud based phone system pros and cons

cloud based phone system pros and cons

Cloud based phone system Edge over Traditional Cloud based phone system pros and cons in details. The technology is changing day by day. Everything is evolving so why not our phone systems? We should thank the technology, which has introduced a very convenient and a new way of communication for the businesses-Cloud based phone system. […]

benefits of hosted pbx

benefits of hosted pbx

Benefits of hosted PBX You must be familiar with the term Hosted PBX if you are running an organization or an enterprise. However, if you are listening to it the first time, then let us tell you what is hosted PBX? Before moving to our main topic, which is benefits of hosted PBX, it is […]

Free PBX Virtual Phone System

Free virtual phone system

Free virtual phone system The traditional on-site telephone systems are considered the backbone of any business organization. Technology has not left any stone unturned to provide us with the maximum ease and comfort. The same whirl of technology has changed the traditions in the telecommunication industry with the introduction of the free virtual phone system. […]

Auto Attendant System

Small Business Phone System Auto Attendant

Certainly, phone System is the backbone of almost every business due to that it also needs improvement. Most of the small business phone system auto attendant route calls but configuring call flow probably be tricky for a non technical person, furthermore here I am sharing few tips and tricks, as a result, It will help your […]

Hosted PBX Offer

Best Offer Phone System for Small Businesses

Best Business Phone System for Small Businesses At dOpenPBX, We offer Best Offer Phone System for Small Businesses furthermore we are committed to providing the best customer service to our customers. We have four plans based on customers requirement. Standard Plan $49/Month Perfect for techies who are familiar with Asterisk and VoIP Technologies. With Unlimited […]