business phone system

do i need business phone System ?

No , You do not need a Business Phone system, but you need a Business Phone Number.You already have a cell phone to make and receive calls. You do not need another phone for business. You need a business number which work on your phone. Let’s be honest: the phone system PBX or EPBX setup is […]

Virtual Phone Number

What is cloud business Telephony ?

What is cloud business Telephony ? When everything is moving to cloud then why not Telephone .Cloud telephony is an innovative and latest phone solution thus reducing your business expenses . Accept it or not, the fact remains that several decades after Alexander Bell invented the telephone,it is still one of the best-performing business channels […]

10 Essential Features of a Business Phone System

What is feature of business phone system ? When you are going to buy Business phone system ,You should ensure that your business phone system has the features and functions which increase your work efficiency and effectiveness of your overall communication process. Advance business phone system features help you to build and maintain client and […]

What is business phone system ?

Typically A business telephone system is a multi line telephone system typically used in business environments, A business phone system can range from the small key telephone system (KTS) , just a few telephones in a small business up to a complex private branch exchange ( PBX ) system utilized by large businesses. A business […]

cloud based phone system pros and cons

cloud based phone system pros and cons

Cloud based phone system Edge over Traditional Cloud based phone system pros and cons in details. The technology is changing day by day. Everything is evolving so why not our phone systems? We should thank the technology, which has introduced a very convenient and a new way of communication for the businesses-Cloud based phone system. […]

Cheap Hosted PBX Phone System

cheap hosted pbx phone system

      Cheap hosted PBX phone system The fever of hosted PBX phone system is getting higher and higher among the big and small organizations. Every company wants a reliable, affordable and trustworthy vendor in the market who can provide it with the cheap hosted PBX phone system with high-quality services. However, if you are one […]

virtual phone system unlimited minutes

Virtual Phone System Unlimited Minutes

We have perfect virtual phone system unlimited minutes for Startups and growing businesses who don’t want to indulge in PBX Management instead, they want to focus on their business. Here is quick guide set up virtual receptionist in your PBX System. The Virtual Receptionist module allows you to create one or more Virtual Receptionists (“Interactive […]