How to call UK from US or any other country, most of the article are written based on fact people don’t know about making international calls.

Using this article you will be able to make calls to UK at $0.01/minutes, isn’t it cheaper than most of the service providers ?

In this step by step tutorial i will guide you to how to call UK from USA or any other country using Asterisk based pbx system for cheaper price.

If you are a business then probably you are using asterisk pbx phone system for making and receiving calls. If you are not using asterisk pbx, you can get a hosted asterisk pbx from or host in on amazon aws, there is separate article on how to install asterisk pbx on amazon aws cloud.
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Here is step by step guide on how to configure SIP Trunk for making international calls.

Create SIP Trunk

  1. Login to PBX then connectivity, select trunk
  2. Add SIP (chan_Sip) trunk
  3. Trunk Name can be anything
  4. Outbound callerID will be phone number which you purchased from telnyx
  5. Select Dialed Number Manipulation rules.
  6. Click on Dial Pattern Wizard
  7. Select 7 Digit , 10 digit and 11 digits ( for making calls within USA)
  8. then US Toll Free patterns and US Information ( for making calls to tollfree number and information numbers like 211, 411)
  9. select US Emergency to enable extensions to make emergency 911 calls ( make sure you have added Emergency address in telnyx port for your callerID)
  10. then US International to enable users to make international calls from any extensions ( I guess this is what your searched for how to call uk from us )
  11. In Sip settings there are two sub tabs incoming and outgoing
  12. inside incoming give it name telnyx-in and for peer details paste below


13. inside outgoing give it name telnyx-out and in peer details paste below


14. Submit

Your Trunk is ready , In additional to make international calls you have to configure outbound route

Outbound Route Configuration

  1. Click on Connectivity then outbound route
  2. Add outbound route and input anything in route name
  3. Leave CID blank as you already have configured CID in trunk
  4. Scroll down you will see Trunk Sequence for Matched Routes, here select trunk name you create in above step
  5. Click on Dial patterns
  6. Then Dial Pattern wizard
  7. Select routes same as you did while creating trunk
  8. Submit
  9. don’t forget to click on RED Button Apply Config at top right.

Your PBX is ready with trunk, if you haven’t setup your telnyx account please refer this article. After that, once you are done with telnyx setup, you will be able to make outgoing calls using any extension. This is how we call to UK from US by dialing 01144 then phone number, something like this 011449876543456.

Please check this article to create extension in asterisk pbx