are you curious to know what is a voip number ?

VoIP Numbers are virtual numbers to get it you don’t need to buy any hardware of software, most of the VoIP providers provide VoIP numbers at very nominal cost of $1 to $5 per month. You can configure VoIP number in any IP-Phone or Softphone, you can also install softphone on your mobile device and configure VoIP Numbers.

Learn how to configure VoIP Number and see yourself what is a voip number

  1. create an account on telnyx
  2. Search for phone number of your area code and buy it.
  3. click on connection and add new connection, give it a name
  4. Select connection type as credential, you will see predefined username and password.
what is a voip number

5. Go to number and assign this newly created connection to VoIP number you purchased.

6. After that click on outbound, then add new outbound profile, give it a name and select connection.

7. Tariff type conversational and service plan US-48, if you want to call within united states or select International + US48

Last step to be familiar with what is a voip number, Just install Softphone

  1. Download Zoiper softphone
  2. Once installed open settings by clicking on wrench icon
  3. Add New SIP account
  4. Enter your name in display name
  5. Enter username and password you got from telnyx connection
  6. In server field type
  7. Now zoiper will try to register
  8. Once registered, you will be able to make and receive calls.

There are few other free softphones available like microsip and xlite

If you want to get IVR welcome greeting on your phone, you can use hosted asterisk server, plan start from $29/month. There are tons of advanced features.

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