Build Your Own VoIP Phone Business from Scratch

This document explains the procedure to start your own “VoIP Phone Business”, Hardware & software requirements, Investment and profit example, and target audience. 


These are main requirements for Starting VoIP Phone Business

1. Hardware

IP-Phone is the only hardware required in this setup. Users’ extensions will be configured in IP-Phones. If there are 10 users in a company they need to have 10 IP-Phones.

Some users might want to take calls from home or other locations, then additional IP phones will be required. However, they can use softphones as an alternative.

2. Software

We will use Open Source Asterisk & FreePBX in the whole setup. There is no other software required.

However, some users might want to take calls on their laptop/desktop or mobile phone, to do so they can install  Free and paid versions of software.

3. Services

We need a Cloud hosting account where we will host customers’ PBX and VoIP provider’s accounts from where we will purchase DID Number (phone number) and calling minutes.

Initial Investment 

Like every business, this VoIP business also requires some initial investment BUT not much. You can start with as little as $100

1. Cloud Hosting

We can create Cloud Account for as little as a $50 top-up. Some of the best available options are Digital Ocean, Vultr, Linode, Google Cloud, and Amazon EC2.

2. VoIP Provider

VoIP Provider’s Account $50 top-up. You can choose from various VoIP providers based in the United States. We can get call rates starting from 0.0075/minute.

That is it, there is no other investment required, Even we will not ask for a penny for doing all environment setup. What we need is a signed NDA.

Profit Calculation

In general, we can consider that there will be up to 10 users in a company where we are offering our service. 

1. Recurring Cost on You

Up to 10 users hardware required is 2GB RAM, 40 GB Storage. 

We can get these specs for $10 from any cloud service provider. 

USA Phone Number $1/month

Call Charges both inbound & outbound $0.0085/minute

On average, a person in a company makes & receives 100 minutes of calls in a month. ( This calculation does not apply to Telemarketing companies)

Total calls made by the company in a month by all 10 users = 1000 minutes

Call Cost = $0.0085 x 1000 = $8.5

OUR SUPPORT CHARGE $6/per user per month = $60


Total Cost = PBX Hosting $10 + Phone number $1 + Call Cost $8.5 + Support Cost $60 = $79.5

2. Recurring Cost to Customers

There are lots of companies offering VoIP phone service up to $49/month. But You can set your plans. We suggest starting at $24.99/month.  

As per our calculations, there are 10 users to the total cost to the customer will be $249

There are some companies who charge One Time installation fees, You are free to set your own price and you can keep that.

3. Recurring Profit

PROFIT = COST TO CUSTOMER  $249 – COST TO YOU $79.5 = $169.5

These calculations do not include taxes or any other cost to you or your customers.

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Target Audience


1. Existing Customers

Best way to start with your existing customers where you provide IT Services. Upsell phones as addons to your IT services.

2. Growing Businesses

Insurance Companies, Law Firms, Dentist, Travel Agency, Real estate brokers, Accounting firms, Home remodeling, Recruitment firms, Event Management firms, Architect, mover & packers, Handyman service providers.

Our Responsibilities


1. Phone Configuration

Once you have a phone delivered to your office, You will provide remote access to a computer and connect phones with the network, we will configure phones.

You can ship these phones to customers where they can plug and play. You have the option to send phones to customer locations directly from vendors but in that case, someone has to be there to provide us access to phones.

2. Migration

When a customer decides to purchase phone service from you, You will inform us.

We will create PBX, get phone numbers, migrate them from their existing phone service without any downtime.

3. 24x7 Support

You focus on your Managed IT services and Selling Business phone Service, We will take care of support 24 by 7 all 365 days.

When customers get any issue they can Chat or create a support ticket on the support portal. They can also reach us by email.

Emergency support by Call.

Your Responsibilities

1. IP-Phone Delivery

This business phone works perfectly fine with any IP phone, You can partner with various IP-Phone company providers and resell it to your customers. You will be responsible for IP-Phone delivery to the customer’s premises.

2. Number Portability

Some customers want to keep their old phone numbers. In that case, you may need to port their number to the VoIP provider, You will send them an LOA form for portability.

It takes 7-10 days to port in a number.

In the meantime, customers can forward all calls to the Temp Number provided by us which will be configured in PBX. They will be able to make & receive calls.

3. Payment Collection

You will be responsible to collect payment from your customers and raise invoices for them. And You will manage any billing, credit card processing, etc.

Terms & Conditions

You will have full access to VoIP Account as well as Cloud Hosting Account, If at any point of time within 1 year of our agreement, You want to quit the support services you will pay us Installation and provisioning charges ($500 minus total amount we received from you as monthly support charges).

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