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As a startup I always wanted to keep our office setup look fresh and young, even you will see this in our cafeteria and washrooms.

We have fantastic looking website, Identity cards, Visiting cards with QR code. We use to wear T-shirt with our Company Logo and some inspiring quotes.

I strongly believe these small things motivate us and give positive vibes.

I always wanted modern office phones with some features like Auto Attendant IVR Greeting. Also Play different greetings and offers during holiday seasons.

But skip it for later as I was afraid of pricing I have received from phone providers.

Then finally I came to know about Asterisk Open source. I along with my colleagues tried to install it on a system we have in office.

We were successful but things were taking much time than I expected. I started searching for alternate solution then I opted to go with cloud based Hosted Asterisk server.

I have perfect business phone system with Auto attendant IVR greeting. Later I learned Holiday greeting, time based call routing and much more. Price just for $79/month.

Let me tell you, I was not expecting anything similar to this in this price and I wanted to help businesses like me to get better phone service.

That is why I asked dOpenPBX founder Ajit, That I am going to write an article on this and they can post it on their website.

Ok, Now coming to point again. This is what I received when I paid them first month. and Step by step guide how how to configure your Phone system.

How to Do it

I received PBX IP with root password and Web admin password. I didn’t use root password as I don’t think it’s much required for newbie or non tech guys.

Open IP in your browser you will see similar to this.

Click on Administration and input your credentials.

Once you’re in you will see extensions, trunk, call routing everything already created by dOPenPBX with managed PBX Plan.

If you’re not buying managed Asterisk PBX from dOpenPBX then you can follow steps from here.