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Before understanding what is non fixed voip phones, we first need to know little bit about VoIP phone. Is it some sort of software or hardware !

In simple terms VoIP is Technology which is used to make & receive call using internet, instead of Telco lines or mobile phone providers. There are several ways we can use VoIP, using Hardware IP-phone like Cisco, Grandstream, Yealink etc.

You can also use soft phone on both your computer / Laptop and Phone, We call it soft phone, There are many soft phones available like Zoiper, Eyebeam, Linphone.

So at this point here is some basic idea about VoIP Phones.

Fixed VoIP Phones

Lets talk about fixed VoIP phones. These are phones which are hardwired mostly provided by broadband provider, they are consider more secure than Non Fixed VoIP Phones.

These kinds of VoIP phones are stick to one address. Most of the Fixed VoIP providers sell their own hardware, You have to buy those IP phones in order to use that.

Non Fixed VoIP phones

These are VoIP service which doesn’t required to have physical address, you can purchase it from anywhere and use it anywhere, configure in any IP phone or soft phone.

Usually much cheaper than Fixed VoIP phones. You can also associate it with the 911 service, but in that case, you need a physical address mentioned on your account. You can bring your own device or use any softphone you like.

Fixed Vs Non fixed VoIP phones

Well, both have their pros and cons but when it comes to flexibility and price, Non-fixed VoIP phones are definitely a winner.

When you are moving office to another location, you don’t have to do much with Non fixed VoIP phones. Price are far less than fixed voip, no commitment required, Bring your own device. Use phones at multiple locations.

Some recommendation

For Freelancers, Soloprenuers and less than 5  employee company, I recommend to use 9DiGiTS Android based App which cost $14.99/month per use with unlimited Calling to USA and Canada. Get phone number in your Preferred area code. 

For growing companies where more than 5 employees, you can get  dOpenPBX Business phone service, You will get managed cloud based business phone service, You just need to forward your current phone number to number provided by them.

They will do the rest of the thing, like creating IVR welcome greeting, Call routing, Holiday greeting, Time based call routing based on your requirement. You can buy your choice of  IP-phones from Amazon, Bestbuy. They will configure it, you can start using it. This works with softphone and Desktop softphones.  

Their cost very simple, You will pay $79/month, You will get managed Cloud PBX, 1 USA Phone number, 1000 minutes of calling. Additional calls just for $0.01/minutes. Isn’t it a good plan to go with?